FOR Shaker Library

Issue 7 is a 1.9 mill increase in the operating levy that funds OUR Shaker Library.

Like any tax issue, Issue 7 boils down to one question: Is it worth it?

Supporters of Issue 7 believe our Shaker Library IS worth it, and here are 5 REASONS why:

Number 1: QUALITY. Shaker Library is one of the best local libraries in the country – we are ranked in the Top 3% of libraries with similar budgets.

Number 2: EDUCATION. Our Shaker Library offers educational opportunities for people of all ages and is a partner with the Shaker Schools.

Number 3: COMMUNITY. Our Shaker Main Library is an important institution for the Moreland neighborhood and all of south Shaker, and Bertram Woods is a walkable destination for the east side of town. Shaker Library partners with many Shaker organizations.

Number 4: USEFULNESS. Shaker residents use their library and they depend on it, not just for books, but for a lot of important services they can’t find anywhere else in Shaker. We visit our library and borrow materials from it at 3-4 times the rate of the national average. And we use it as a community center, holding 1,600 meetings or events there just last year.

Number 5: IT'S OURS. Our Shaker Library was created by Shaker residents and Shaker residents have spent 80 years investing their time and money in it. It is governed by a board made of Shaker residents, which makes it responsive to our needs and accountable for its actions.

Issue 7 protects Shaker Library – and everything it does – by solving two important problems.

1. The Libraries' buildings are solid but need renovating.

2.  Over the past ten years, Shaker Library’s funding from the State of Ohio and from local property taxes has dropped by almost one-fifth.

With Issue 7, we can get another 50 years of use out of our library buildings, create 21st-century library spaces, and save money on ongoing maintenance.

Issue 7 will allow the library to fund important improvements to library operations.

And finally

Number 6: COST. Of the 200 mills residents pay in local property tax only 4 mills go to Shaker Library. That’s just 2%. The library’s annual budget is $4.6 million dollars and it manages that money very carefully. Issue 7 is the first increase in millage  the library has asked for in 21 years. It costs 18¢ per day for every $100,000 in home value. It is the smallest local tax that Shaker residents have been asked to consider in years.

For all the good Shaker Library does, we think Issue 7 is worth this small investment and we ask you to vote FOR Issue 7 on May 8.

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    Shaker Public Library is an important resource for me and my family, that's why I am FOR Shaker Library
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