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The Shaker Chapter of the League of Women Voters has endorsed the Shaker Library levy that will be on the May 8 primary ballot.  Read the full report.


The Shaker Heights Democratic Club voted to support the Shaker Library Levy on April 3, 2018


The National Action Network endorses the Shaker Library Levy, Issue 7

Listen to What Your Public Officials Have to Say:

"I think it's our job to support the library so that everyone continues to have access to high quality materials and programs."  Julianna Johnston Senturia

"Please join me on May 8th in voting for our levy!" Troy Meinhard

"To this day, the tradition of loving books and learning that the Shaker Library fostered is really a part of my whole family. My children have given it to their children, and that is a gift. That gift is a real debt that I owe to the Shaker Library... Please join me in voting Yes for the Shaker Library on May 8." Nancy Moore

"A vote for OUR library is a vote in support of all members of our community. We have a valuable resource that should not be squandered.” Ayesha Bell Hardaway

Jeffrey Issacs



Read What Your Neighbors are Saying:

"We visit the library regularly, as it is an invaluable resource to satiate her endless curiosity. I wouldn’t want my daughter – or any child in Shaker – to lose such a valuable resource. My wife and I proudly support the SHPL and will be voting yes on Issue 7.” Dan Grossman

"I support a well-equipped independent library where decisions will continue to be made by Shaker residents. These decisions must address the needs of Shaker residents. Most importantly, the decision makers should be held accountable to Shaker residents.” Phillip Rowland-Seymour

"I love our CLEVNET library! Today I received two books on inter-library loan that I need to read for a professional project, which together would have cost me upwards of $100 to purchase online. Shaker Library is an incredible community resource." Jennifer Souers Chevraux

“Residents choose Shaker Heights for its community of residents and the unique services offered. The Shaker Heights library is a meeting place - a hub of activity that provides value to all residents from young families to seniors. The library is already part of a regional system, Clevenet and reflects our community's focus on research and education. The main library honors the community's history by being located in Moreland School. The levy, which will still place the library system well below most of its peers from a tax perspective and hasn't asked for a millage increase in 21 years, is required to make capital repairs to the buildings and will restore Sunday operating hours at the Main Library. It is critical to our ability to attract and retain residents to offer distinctive services. Vote Yes for Issue 7 on May 8.” Tania Menesse

"The Shaker Heights libraries rock. The Clevenet [sic] system is great as well. If you have kids, the library is the single best value of all time... For that matter, even if you don't have kids!" Todd H Nelson

"Vote Yes - local control gives quality local services. A very small price to preserve a valuable asset and advantage!!" Kim Reynolds

"I don’t know what I would’ve done without the library with my kids" Armina Robinson

"Our library system is a jewel in our crown" - Debby Goldenberg

"We all know we live in a high tax suburb and personally I do it knowing that I live in a place where we invest in our community." - Megan Nelson

"Our librarians offer so much to our community that influences & reflects our community values." Pam Wallace Chaney

"As a new resident to shaker and Ohio I am very grateful for the Shaker Library system. As a new mom, I didn't know anybody. I decided to attend a baby storytime and have met so many wonderful new friends and (baby friends) by attending storytime at both branches, using the free Play and Learn Stations, and learning about Shaker in general. I have even attended adult coloring at the library and we are currently enrolled in the 5 week infant massage class at the library through The Achievement Center. I honestly don't know what I would do without the library. We are there all the time. The library is helping me learn about the house we are buying in the Lomond neighborhood." Yvonne Smith

"I love that the Shaker Library provides all these wonderful resources for families. We pretty much are at all the baby activities weekly." Yvonne Smith

"We have a wonderful library system in Shaker, one that truly benefits its citizens." Rochelle Paley

"Growing up, my grandma used to take me to the local library for story time & to explore endless stacks of books. Thanks for everything, @ShakerLibrary Bertram Woods!" Sarah Ratner @bookishly_sarah via Twitter

"Our award-winning libraries and their professional, knowledgeable, and welcoming staff are one of the greatest assets in Shaker Heights. Shaker's commitment to the quality of the library collections and research materials, as well as the wealth and variety of programming and enrichment opportunities for all ages, truly sets us apart from other communities. Shaker's collective commitment to excellence through education shines through our libraries." Jennifer Souers Chevraux

"I am so proud of ALL that our Shaker Library represents to the Moreland Community. The history and place of being cannot be replaced. It is a major anchor for the entire City." Vicki Elder

"It’s so easy to support the Shaker library. Every great city needs top quality education and outstanding libraries." Joyce Becker

"Shaker Library is the first place I went to meet people when I moved here from London in 2005. Taking my children to the Play and Learn Station, and to pre-school story time helped them and me to make friends and find our feet. The librarians make time to find out about you individually, and the children's librarians in both branches have regularly recommended perfect books for my kids. I love seeing the High School Art Show in the Main Library each Spring, I love being able to enroll my kids in Programs beyond the regular Summer Reading one, and I love seeing so many young people in our community using the facilities in both the libraries. They know they are safe and supported in these buildings that so many of them can easily walk, cycle, or take public transport to. I am so grateful to have moved to live in Shaker Heights among people who value education and who know that the whole community benefits when everyone has access to an asset like our independent Shaker Libraries." Kate Wilton Bennett

"Excellent library with top notch staff. Shaker is fortunate to have two first class library facilities--Shaker Main and Bertram Woods. Each has an individual feel because of size and location, but the collection is available to all." Gretchen Larson

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